Song of the Day: Johnny Beauford – “Loner Unaware”


Watch Johnny Beauford perform a cozy live version of his reflective new Bluesy track.

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Johnny Beauford – “Unconscious Loner”
RILY: looking back and feeling relieved about the present
What else do you need to know: Dallas-based Johnny Beauford is known for his work with Jack Kerowax and Bravo, Max! He released his first solo album in 2020, and he’s been working on (and sharing) brand new material via his St. Cait YouTube channel.

And yesterday he gave his fans what he calls “a single live microphone take of a brand new debut song” called “Loner Unaware”.

Most artists would rather not share a track in progress, as it can give the wrong impression about a song long before it’s finished. It’s like judging a cake by how well it’s mixed and when it’s only been in the oven for a few minutes.

Using a drum machine, guitar, and set lyrics, Beauford performs the song in a spare bedroom of his house. It shows the promise of a nice full-band cut in the future, its solo version is already quite good.

The nearly four-minute tune has a soulful, bluesy feel to it with plenty of bends on its guitar strings and in its vocals. Not entirely optimistic but not pessimistic, the song has a great mid-tempo, sad-eyed feel to it.

“When I was a loner, I didn’t even know it/I didn’t even feel it until I met you/I dreamed I was a kingpin I haven’t even seen ten/ I didn’t even have ten minutes to me time” goes the opening line, and it shows a reflection on where her life was and where she is now.

There is also a memorable line: “If I was a slave, I would bail you out and/I would bail you out and I wouldn’t charge you a dime.” Healthy, loving relationships aren’t transactional, but it’s a smart line nonetheless.

Kudos to Beauford for sharing what he’s working on as he goes. Sometimes the demo version is better than the final version, but no matter what “Loner Unaware” becomes, it’s great to have more solo material from this singer-songwriter.

Cover photo courtesy of Johnny Beauford on Facebook.

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