Song of the Day: The Aches — “Shoot!”


This live album from DFW-based trio The Aches is an electrifying punk spectacle you can experience anywhere.

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Les Aches – Shoot!
RIYL: fuzzy-sounding live albums
What else do you want to know: Comprised of three childhood friends, The Aches have been bringing their noise-inspired punk to DFW for the past few years.

Imperfections in recordings are often advantages when it comes to punk music. You want this stuff to be loud, distorted, real. Released from a live album, today’s title meets these anarchic needs.

Back to growthwas recorded during The Aches performance at Growl Records on February 18, releasing a year and a day later. The disc takes you through the act’s 16-song setlist, complete with speaker commentary, cheers and audience interaction, making it feel like you’re really there. It’s a great insight into how this young band is asserting themselves as performers, which, by the way, is going pretty well. We ran into the band at a show at Double Wide and it was great fun.

“Shoot!” starts with a bang (pun not intended) and is compelling from the start. What follows is a lot of wavy, distorted guitars and yapping vocals. It’s chaotic in the best way and the fast but steady bassline and drums ensure you the musicians are in control. About a minute and a half later, the song becomes a bit less punky and more noise-adjacent with a modified beat and experimental riffs. Once you think you have “Shoot!” understood, the trio surprises you and keeps you hooked for the ride.

So far only Back to the growl and some other live tracks found on the band’s albums band camp are available for streaming. The Aches definitely have the vibe of being a live band – they certainly have the chops for it – but we’re also expecting studio recorded material in the future.

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