Song of the Day: The Lord Baltimores – “Corazon”


The third installment of Lord Baltimores’ video series features drama, mystery and suspense accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack.

The Lord Baltimores – “Corazon”
RILY: 70s jazz
What else do you need to know: We end the week strong with an exclusive first video of The Lord Baltimores’ “Corazon” from their self-titled 2021 project. We chatted with the men behind the band, Robert Jason Vandygriff of The Von Ehrics and David J. Pierce, who arranged, wrote and produced the track.

For “Corazon”, the two were inspired by the rhythms of soul, funk and hip-hop.

“David’s arrangements take a film score approach from Ennio Morricone, Bill Conti – great hooks and swirling counter melodies,” says Vandygriff. “I supervised the rhythm section and he did everything else. It’s a great partnership between two people who really trust each other. David has been my biggest musical influence in the last three or four years since we met.

Vandygriff says the song and video build on the dark, mysterious vibe present throughout the album.

Directed by Jason Janik, the music video for “Corazon” is the third installment in a series of seven videos featuring songs by Lord Baltimores album. All videos will eventually be combined with never-before-seen footage and dialogue for a “movie-style story” once all individual videos have been released.

The “Corazon” video follows the hero of the story, played by Marlee Dahlia, who is also featured in the two previous video releases “Qualifier” and “Relays”. Throughout the five-minute video, we were on the edge of our seats as we watched Dahlia’s attempt to get her mother out of a pretty dodgy situation. Throughout the mystery and suspense, Dahlia deftly kept us rooted for her.

“If you know Jason [Janik], he has a deep passion for what he does, especially when he gets creative,” says Vandygriff. “A good example is the last scene of this video. When Marlee and the actor who plays her mother, Natali Jones, look into each other’s eyes, you feel the connection, the forgiveness. That’s all Janik. He’s just an amazing person with a great vision. I’m so lucky to be able to work with people like him and David.

Vandygriff and Pierce’s ultimate goal is to complete the film project and perform the songs live with a screening of the film. In the meantime, they will be spending time in the studio writing their next album.

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