Steve Lacy Reveals His “Bad Habit” In New Track


Steve Lacy returns to the stage with the release of his new single, “Bad Habit”, shortly after the release of his standout song “Mercury” earlier this month. Lacy’s fans have been waiting for a new project after the successful delivery of his latest project, The Lo-Fis in 2020. So far, he hasn’t disappointed anyone with any of these phenomenal singles. These songs come out ahead of Steve’s new album, which he recently revealed is titled, Gemini rights.

The song, “Bad Habit,” begins with a blast of Steve’s usual funky guitar and punchy drums. It also stacks up some nice harmonies and plays with a high-pitched synth throughout the song. The song stops at the end, allowing listeners to really immerse themselves in Steve’s beautiful harmonies. The track explores themes of losing a potential lover due to fear of rejection. Steve expresses that he has a “bad habit” of biting his tongue and not sharing how he really feels when he’s secretly interested in someone. He wonders if he still has a chance with the possible love interest as he realizes he’s not over them yet.

Fans across social media are raving about the track’s relatability, especially on TikTok, with users making around 10,000 videos to the song so far. Steve himself even hopped on the app, feeding fans even more by revealing the chord progression on the track. People are really excited to hear what he has in store with his new album, which is out July 15th.

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