Teen travels the world; on the way to breaking the world record


LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) – Lots of 17-year-olds usually go to the mall or the cinema for fun, but one teenager travels the world on his own plane.

From Italy to India, Mack Rutherford, 17, from Belgium, Europe has seen it all for himself.

“I started in Bulgaria, then I went south through Italy and Greece. Then I crossed east through Pakistan and India, then I went to Japan and I took a huge 10 hour flight and then once I reached the balances of Mexico and Isla Socorro I crossed again and then descended all the way here through Laredo,” Rutherford said.

Mack is the first 17-year-old to have traveled the world and the seven seas.

Ever since he was a young boy, Mack has always had his head in the clouds as he dreams of one day flying away; now that dream has become a reality.

“I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve always loved flying, and once my sister gave me the orientation of flying around the world, it gave me the idea to do something like this and decided to try the same thing,” Mack said.

Last week Mack stopped in Laredo to refuel.

During his stop, he shared his stories of his travels and the many challenges he faced.

“In Sudan, there is a desert where it was very dusty and difficult to see. In India there have been too many storms, the Pacific Ocean is too cloudy,” Mack said.

Although Mack is traveling alone, he has someone supporting him.

His father Sam Rutherford says he supports him wherever he takes off.

“We didn’t have that in mind because it’s a risk and it’s not easy or necessary safely all the time. But there are complaints and they have done very, very well,” Mr Rutherford said.

Traveling around the world is not an easy task, it requires patience, time and money.

Sam says having family all over the world is a big help for his son.

As he can visit and spend time with his loved ones.

“We’re not particularly wealthy, what we do of course is a business that involves aviation, and ICD-Soft came on board kindly as a solo and one-time sponsorship for Mack. In fact, what we have tried to do, but not really from a budget perspective, is that they stay with local families where appropriate,” Mr RutherFord said.

But money and weather didn’t stop Mack from achieving his dream of becoming the world’s youngest aviator.

He says he hopes to see other people his age pouting in the sky

As the sky is limitless and infinite for anyone.

Mack’s trip around the world is expected to end in the next few days.

Once he arrives in his home country, he is on the verge of receiving Guinness World Record recognition.

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