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Telipok people unhappy with mess left by contractor

Published on: Thursday August 25th, 2022

From: Sidney Skinner

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A section of Jalan Putera Perdana, which had been excavated, looked like a landmine had exploded in March.

The town hall plans to inspect a neighborhood in Telipok with Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to determine if a residential road, which was dug to lay underground power lines, has been properly reinstated. A spokesperson for the agency’s traffic and transportation department said it was aware of the installation because permission to pass had been granted to the company’s contractor to carry out the work. “SESB initially wanted to use our road and the reserve lands next to it until June,” he said Aug. 24.


“However, the company has written to us requesting an extension of the furlough period and has been granted permission to continue using our assets until the first week of September.” He said staff from the town hall and SESB visited the site three months ago, during which time the contractor was reminded of the agency’s requirements for the maintenance of the road. “The individual had made some partial repairs to the section and assured us that the rest would be done once all the electrical cables had been put in place. “Our agent was informed at the time that a horizontal directional drilling method was being used for the installation to minimize the number of ‘open cuts’ on the road.” He said a second joint inspection would be carried out after the end of the passage authorization period. “This will allow us and SESB to verify whether the contractor has kept his word to restore the stretch and the shoulder.” JASMAN from Telipok said he saw red tubes installed under some sections of Jalan Putera Perdana. “A SESB contractor dug, drilled and shaped tunnels on the section,” he said, adding that such work began in January. He said the damaged sections of the stretch were a source of frustration for motorists who lived there. “Given the frequency with which vehicles use the road, many of the stones that were laid on the depressions have since been dispersed. During a downpour, he said, mini pools formed on Jalan Putera Perdana as runoff collected in potholes that had been left behind.


“We risk scrapping the undercarriage of our cars when we cross these uneven portions.” Jasman was also unhappy with the contractor’s inability to clean up debris generated by the installation work. Pieces of the wooden cable drum, around which the power lines were wrapped, were strewn over the housing drain and the trees on the shoulder of the road, he said. “I don’t think it’s fair for SESB to expect residents to clean up this mess. “The contractor should be reprimanded for the ‘poor housekeeping’ involving the road and nearby common areas.” “We don’t know for long if we will have to put up with this inconvenience as there is no indication of the estimated date of completion of the work.” He said he tried to find this information from SESB. “I contacted the company’s customer management center, as well as its office in Tanjung Aru. “However, the staff who took my calls seemed unaware of what was going on at Taman Putera Perdana.” Jasman feared the road would be left in a state of disrepair as had happened once before. “The same red tubes were laid in another part of the neighborhood more than a year ago. “The road and sidewalks involved, in this case, were not properly reinstated after the completion of this work.” He said that in this case gravel was poured over the damaged sections after the cables were installed, but the road was not sealed afterwards. “The equipment used to lay the cables was subsequently removed.” Jasman brought the events to City Hall’s attention because the roads and common areas in his neighborhood belong to the agency. The spokesman said his staff visited the housing area shortly after receiving his report. “Our road repair team observed that parts of the stretch and the edge had been excavated,” he said.
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