TERAMAZE Releases Official Lyric Video For New Track “Gold” (August 24, 2022)


TERAMAZE Releases Official Lyric Video For New Track “Gold”
August 24, 2022

Melbourne, Australia-based progressive metal band Teramaze have released an official lyric video for the track “Gold.” Created by Wayne Joyner, the clip can be viewed below.

Speaking about the song, Teramaze frontman Dean Wells said, “The song ‘Gold’ was the first piece of music we wrote from our last album. Flight of the wounded. We actually wrote it shortly after the release of our seventh album. I wonderback in 2020.

“The totality I wonder the album dealt with a very heavy subject, as the world was in chaos and everyone had to deal with their own personal demons. I wanted to write something positive and hopeful. ‘Gold’ came together very quickly towards the end of 2020…unfortunately it never seemed to fit any of the other two albums we released in 2021. It really pissed off our drummer Nick because he loved this song haha! Luckily for us, we write A TON of music and had enough material by mid-2022 to release another album (Flight of the wounded), on which ‘Gold’ fits perfectly.

“As usual, fans can expect cool riffs, solos, epic orchestration and vocal hooks that stay stuck in your ear. This is one of my favorite tracks we’ve ever written in as a band and I can’t wait to play this one live!

Teramaze releases its tenth full studio album Flight of the wounded independently on October 6, 2022 via Wells Music. The outing can be pre-ordered here.

Dean Wells commented: “Flight of the wounded is our tenth album and is quite possibly our most important work. From start to finish, track to track, there really is no filler.

“Like everything we’ve ever released, on this album we put everything into every song and nothing was spared. I was always meticulous about getting the perfect mixes and finding the right guitar and synth sounds. As a band, we always strive to make every song sound as good as possible.

“This album will also be my fourth where I am the lead singer of the band. I always try to outdo myself from album to album. I definitely tried some new writing and singing approaches that I didn’t have on previous albums. I tried to make my lyrical deliveries as strong or as vulnerable as possible, as well as experimenting with the lower tones of my voice. I really pushed myself as a singer and I think the fans won’t be disappointed.

“This album is unlike anything we’ve released before. It’s going to be a really tough album to sing live, but we can’t wait to tour this album, nationally and hopefully around the world.

Flight of the wounded was mixed by Dean Wells at Wells Productions, while mastering duties fell to Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz at Deluxe Mastering in Melbourne.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “The Flight of the Wounded”
02. ‘Gold’
03. “The Thieves Are Out”
04. “Up to the Lights”
05. “Ticket to the Next Apocalypse”
06. “For the Thrill”
07. “Dangerous Me”
08. “Battle”
09. “In the Ruins of Angels”

The composition of Teramaze is as follows:

Dean Wells (vocals and guitar)
Chris Zoupa (guitar)
Andrew Cameron (bass)
Nick Ross (drums)

Ninth studio recording And the beauty they perceive was released independently in October 2021 via Wells Music.

Promotional photograph by Karina Wells.

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