The big problem people have with Trump’s Truth social app


Platform support has been a barrier to joining Truth Social, but those with an iOS device in their pocket find another when trying to sign up: waitlists. According to the BBC, attempting to sign up for Truth Social put them in a queue at position 1,419,631. My own signup attempts at the time of writing this article got me to 1,472,850 in the queue, so it looks like things are not getting better. The verification email was sent immediately, so at least I didn’t have to wait for it to appear.

To make matters worse, those who have managed to access the app find that there isn’t much content on there, reports the BBC. Even Trump — the person most of these people are likely to pledge to follow — posted only one “truth” and nothing in the month that followed. Joshua Tucker, director of the Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University, called the launch a “disaster”, while an anonymous contact described as a “Republican ally” of Trump said: “No one seems know what’s going on”. That may change when Trump starts using the platform — Tucker thinks this will be his last chance to get the buzz — but for now, Truth Social seems like DOA to a lot of people who were once thrilled with it. use.

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