The counselor found the beloved bus


Mandy Mayhem has been missing the bus for 15 years.

The Dunedin councilwoman called the bus in question home for five years after joining a circus as a clown when tragedy hit her life.

She sold the bus when she left the circus, but now, after several attempts, she finally bought it back.

Yesterday Cr Mayhem was ‘neck to neck in cobwebs, dirt and grime’ cleaning the former J1 Bedford school bus, which was her 25-30 year old home when she worked at the Ridgeway Circus.

When she turned 25, her partner died, leaving her to inherit a battery, a motorbike, a dog and the bus.

About six months later, Cr Mayhem and his dog hopped on the bus and drove to Wellington to join the circus.

Five years later, she decides to hang up the red nose and return to the South.

“When I came back down south, I sent the bus back with all my stuff in it,” she said.

She sold the bus, hoping the new owner would repair it and put it back on the road, but it sat in a pen for over 15 years.

“I tried to buy it back many times, but he said no, then he sold it a few days ago.”

It was bought by two young men from Warrington, who discovered pictures hanging on the wall of Cr Mayhem, then 25, standing proudly next to the bus.

“They looked inside and there were all these pictures of me in the back, so they got their hands on me straight away.

“They called me and said ‘hey the circus is back in town,'” Cr Mayhem said.

So she went to get the bus from Warrington and intends to restore it for use as a guest bedroom.

She didn’t believe the bus would ever be back on the road, but was thrilled to have it back in her possession.

“It has huge nostalgia for me, but it’s past its best before date.”

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