The inside story of Louis Dunford’s brilliant track ‘Angel’ is set to become an Arsenal anthem



North London crowds went wild at Louis Dunford’s brilliant Union Chapel concert in Islington earlier this month. CREDIT: Louis Dunford’s Twitter

As I write this while preparing for the trip to the Olympic Stadium where Arsenal will face West Ham, I also finally reflect on what a week has been like.

The work was manic but also the phone was hot!

A fellow Gooner Marios told me not long ago that it would be great to get a song to the Louis Dunford’s track “Angel”‘ and I thought it would make an amazing Arsenal anthem.

From that moment I loved it. I listened to it several times, but due to other distractions, the idea escaped me to release something.

On Wednesday, another fellow Gooner and loyal traveling supporter Colin, who I have to mention because he hasn’t been doing very well since the start of the year, gave me another boost, because we had seen a video of Louis performing the track of what a brilliant concert at The Union Chapel in Islington looked like on Thursday April 21.

Another message from die-hard fan Joanne Tester and Gav to She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and that was it.

It was time to act – and a tweet on Twitter began.

Originally, I would have liked to see the words “The Arsenal” somewhere, but the chorus is just perfect anyway – and caps off what is an amazing song.

So after many retweets and many more including Highbury Way, Ruth Beck Art, streaming the music video for the chorus sung at The Union Chapel – the whole social media was going crazy Louis Dunford!

From Thursday to today, social media has been wild and with the help of all the Arsenal fans, we’ve ensured that Louis reaches an additional 14,000 Twitter followers.

Without being born in North London, the engagement I have with the song not only makes me so proud to be The Arsenal, which I obviously am anyway, but I feel very connected to the community.

I think I will speak on behalf of all fans also born or raised outside of Islington Manor: Louis deserves all the praise he gets and will no doubt become a very popular entertainer.

Not only is ‘The Angel’ already a huge hit, but ‘The Popham EP’ is a must-listen to and will be just as popular.

Fourteen years ago he tragically lost his best friend and huge Arsenal fan, also Ben Kinsella, in a London bar.

Having experienced a devastating loss of my mother myself when I was young, where it has happened now, Ben will be so proud.

Louis has gone through very difficult times and he fully deserves all the success that will come his way.

Over the course of the season, as a fan base, we have developed a solidarity that we can once again be proud of and on the pitch the players believe in the meaning of playing for the famous Arsenal shirt.

Mikel Arteta has brought that feeling back, but over the past four days the Arsenal family has become even stronger and more united – thanks to Louis Dunford and his amazing song.

It’s up to him and Arsenal to make his incredible track ‘The Angel’ an even bigger hit – but more importantly, we have an anthem to play at the Emirates Stadium before kick-off. (I will add maybe having to modify some lyrics of the song Louis to make it cleaner!)

Without a doubt, he has the full support of the Arsenal faithful.

The chorus is outstanding and if we haven’t all sung this week then I know many of them will be going to West Ham singing it in the pub and on the floor loud and clear.

“North London forever,

“Whatever the weather,

“These streets are ours,

And my heart will never leave you

“My blood will forever flow through the stone.

Outstanding work from someone who is truly one of us.

Either way, better get to West Ham!

The Arsenal.


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