The Locust remix Danny Elfman track ‘Cruel Compensation’


Official press release:

The locust is pleased to present the official music video for our remix of Danny Elfman’s song “Cruel Compensation”! The remix was the last recording Serbian Gabe did before leaving this world, making this video release surreal, intense and cathartic.

When we were asked if we wanted to do a remix for Danny’s album, it was one of the easiest things for the band to accept. After narrowing it down, we ultimately settled on Cruel Compensation because it had lots of parts we could put our own mark on while reinforcing the song’s intentions – aiming to make the weird parts weirder and the rough parts even more intense. We stretched a few parts, edited a few parts, pushed the bass, JP and I added vocals, Kareem added a lot of synth, I added guitar towards the end, and Gabe redid all the drums.

During the pandemic and the previous US administration, Danny Elfman wrote the album Big Mess, which did a great job of reflecting and regurgitating the dystopian desperation that was happening. It was largely based on his guitar playing and grew out of what he called Chamber Punk. (So ​​maybe our remix is ​​Sci-fi Chamber Punk!)

The remix album (Bigger. Messier.) features vocal collaborations and remixes by Trent Reznor, Zach Hill, Square Pusher and Iggy Pop. There are also some great videos – check them all out if you haven’t already!

This new video was directed and edited by our collaborator Dark Details. The images speak for themselves with plenty of dark detail.

Thanks to Stu Brooks, pSEUDO BEAST, Epitaph, and of course Danny Elfman!

-Bobby Bray

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