The world’s first artificial intelligence battery app is coming


Positive Grid has unveiled its next AI Drums app that changes the game from computer-programmed drums to authentic jams and recordings.

Positive Grid claims their upcoming AI-powered drumming app feels like playing with a real session drummer, saying:

AI Drums will be your best songwriting partner. With just a few clicks, it quickly learns your song structure, BPM and music style. You can even change the feel of each beater to suit your personal taste. AI Drums will search thousands of drum patterns and drum kits in the cloud and virtually match your songs. The more you play with AI Drums, the more it will learn about your drum preferences. But this is only the beginning…


AI Drums lets you play, write, and practice with a virtual drummer powered by the latest AI technology and deep machine learning. It works like magic: AI Drums listens to your guitar and sorts out a matching drum pattern that best suits your compositions. Just tap to record and the app will learn and play the correct drum pattern.


AI Drums gives you instant access to dozens of cloud-based drum patterns created by professional drummers, plus thousands more created by the Positive Grid community. With just the touch of a finger, an endless library of cloud-based templates will be available to preview and download.


AI Drums lets you customize your own drum kit, share it, and upload thousands more to the cloud with the Positive Grid community. Edit all drum components, mic patterns and locations, room control, and more. You can further customize drums by changing individual instrument options such as pitch, volume, damping, EQ, compression, preamp, and limiter.

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