This AR Drum app could revolutionize music learning


AR are you ready to rock?

Drum Tutor, a leading Singapore-based drum school, has started using augmented reality (AR) technology as part of its current lesson plan, providing students with a new, more efficient way to hone their off-stage skills. .

Designated by the company as play long, this unique educational program allows learners to hit a series of virtual cubes projected onto the real world using a conventional monitor. The “gameplay” is relatively simple. When a cube lands on the base of an on-screen instrument, the musician-in-training hits the corresponding percussion on their electronic drums, while an educator monitors their performance using finger-recognition technology. image.

The project took about 9 months to develop and currently offers three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. play long is currently being offered as a free trial lesson at Drum Tutor’s Orchard Gateway Center, although the company has expressed interest in using AR technology in future introductory drumming lessons.

“At Drum Tutor, we are constantly innovating to improve drum pedagogy. As VR and AR technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, we hope to one day adopt these technological advancements to provide introductory training for beginners and enthusiasts alike,” said founder Chow-Kiat Er. “As educators, we can then align our lesson plans to incorporate creative methods like Playarlong to conduct lessons on more challenging topics.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen AR technology used for music education purposes. Last year we covered magic keys, an educational application for the Meta Quest that teaches you the piano in mixed reality. Similar to Drum Tutor’s play longthe app projects virtual notes onto the real world that you follow using a physical keyboard.

As the popularity of AR technology continues to grow, expect to see more of these educational musical experiences.

For more information on Drum Tutor and play long visit here.

Image Credit: Battery Tutor

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