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By Michelle Anne P. Soliman, Journalist

music review
Love Sux
By Avril Lavigne
DTA records

WITH powerful guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums and songs about love and heartbreak, Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne returns to her signature pop punk sound on her new album.

After a three-year hiatus, the eight-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter makes a comeback with her 7and album, Love Sux. The album was produced under DTA Records, a label founded by Travis Barker of pop rock band Blink-182.

Unlike his last album Head above water in 2019, Love Sux reappears as a version of the 37-year-old singer trapped in the mind of her 17-year-old (but more mature) self. The album recalls the edgy let go (2002) and Playful The best fucking thing (2007).

The 12-track album opens strong with the intro track “Cannonball” and Ms. Lavigne shouting, “Like a time bomb, I’m about to explode,followed by hard-hitting drums and electric guitars – teasing the listener about the whole vibe of the album.

It is followed by “Bite Me” and “Bois Lie” (featuring Machine Gun Kelly) which are passably upbeat ditties of “last song syndrome” about breakups.

Ms. Lavigne’s favorite song, “Love Sux,” illustrates the state of her relationship at the time she was recording the album. In the track, she sings, “Do you think I’m stupid? I keep killing Cupid. I shot an arrow at my exes, that’s my confession. I never learned my lesson, no.

When the album reaches 7and track, the upbeat vibe takes a break with the ballad “Avalanche,” which is about not being your best. In the chorus, Ms. Lavigne aptly describes the feeling: “I say I’m fine,
but I don’t feel good inside. I say I’m fine I’m not feeling well right now, no… It’s like I’m running from an avalanche.

“Love it When You Hate Me” (with Blackbear) and “All I Wanted” (with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus) show Ms. Lavigne still having fun writing and singing about carefree experiences in relationships.

“Dare to Love Me” is the only sweet love song on the entire album. She puts it bluntly in the chorus: “So don’t tell me you love me if you don’t mean it… Just tell me if you care….It has a slightly similar melody to her 2007 single, “Hot”.

Along with obviously having fun returning to her roots in pop punk, Ms. Lavigne’s voice continues to improve and maintains a clear chest voice and high pitch – the kind that’s hard to sing in the occasional solo or singing. along.

Another highlight of the album is Blink-182’s Travis Barker featuring his distinct drumming, which adds to the flavor of the 2000s pop rock sound.

The album can be seen as part of the current resurgence of 2000s pop culture trends, an example of the revival of a musical genre that children and teenagers grew up with 20 years ago.

Run at 33 minutes, Love Sux looks like a quick escape, to childhood memories of wearing ties and sneakers, sporting side bangs and black raccoon-like eyeliner, looking back at self-discovery and the lessons of young love.

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