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Moreish idols have never sought to be defined, to be surrounded.

As a band, they thrive on possibility, a messy fusion of jazz, dub, punk and krautrock that raises questions for themselves and their audience.

New single ‘Speedboat’ is out now on Speedy Wunderground, a label renowned for its golden touch.

Led, as always, by the formidable Dan Carey, it’s a dazzling display of possibilities, with its signature 7/8 time signature giving the song an air of incompleteness.

Always on the lookout for new information, new input, ‘Speedboat’ is also a dazzling pop song, albeit voiced in a ruthlessly complex way.

Singer Jude Lilley said the following about the single: “When I was about 18 I stopped in Venice with some friends after a festival. One hot afternoon in our dirty clothes we managed to find a place to make slices of pizza and beer for a few euros.Hidden away from the intimidating and glamorous tourists, we sat on a pier and slipped into our newly purchased treats.

“As we were chatting over our lunch, we were interrupted by a drumbeat echoing in the canal. The kicking grew louder and louder until a white speedboat drifted at full speed in our line of sight and stops at the pier. EDM exploded from the boat, as a sleek, well-built man in wraparound sunglasses and a red polo shirt inspected his huge pile of packages. He leaned down, grabbed a stack and jumped off the boat.

“After making the jump to the house behind us, he got back in the engine and took off through the canals. That’s when I knew: I wanted to be a postman in Venice.”

Something very exciting indeed, ‘Speedboat’ has marked this Cornish collective as a band to watch.

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Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

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