Travis Barker gives Kourtney’s daughter Penelope pink drums for her ninth birthday


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Spoilers for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reveal that Kourtney Kardashian’s new sweetheart, Travis Barker, appears to be comfortable playing the role of stepfather with his children. Kourtney recently posted photos of the adorable drums her boyfriend gave her daughter, Penelope Disick, for her ninth birthday.

The romance of Kourtney and Travis

Friends of Travis and Kourtney revealed a few weeks ago that marriage could be in the future for the duo. On their last trip to Disneyland, Kourtney wore a bridal veil that many fans and followers say hinted the duo were engaged or had secretly run away. The lovebirds were friends and neighbors for years.

Stepfather’s Homework – Travis Barker Gives Kourtney’s Daughter Penelope Pink Drums For Her Ninth Birthday

They even fueled dating rumors during those years of friendship. Now that they are dating, their fans love to see them together. Now Travis seems to be good at the role of a stepfather and Kourtney is showing it.

The Poosh founder took to Instagram to post photos and videos of Travis teaching Penelope how to play the drums on the new set he got her for her birthday. Kourtney wrote in the caption: “My birthday girl! My favorite girl in the whole world, I’m so happy and proud to be your mom. I can’t believe you are 9 years old… My life is so much better because of you.

Travis holds a cup of coffee while teaching the birthday girl how to use the pink drum kit. The kit sat on a plush pink carpet and the nine-year-old’s name was written on the front drum in black letters.

Travis Barker and Penelope Disick bond over pink drums

In the video, Penelope follows Travis’s lead in creating rhythms. The little girl looked at him to get his approval and he said, “That’s good. Fans loved that Kourtney and Travis’ children had a good relationship.

The video comes as Kourtney’s ex-husband Scott Disick plans to move further east to New York City. Sources say he and his girlfriend, Amelia, are visiting homes in the upscale Hamptons community of the Big Apple.

This move to New York comes after he and Amelia lived in Miami Beach, Florida for a few months. If Scott decides to live outside of California, he and Kourtney can still co-parent together. The two seem to be happy in their relationship. The kids are happy too, and that’s what matters most.

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