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The original story (published June 28, 2021) follows:

Over the last hour or so, many Snapchat users around the world have taken to social platforms like Twitter to report that the app keeps crashing on their iPhones.

iPhone users say that after installing a new update, Snapchat app started crashing on opening.

The current version history on Apple’s App Store shows that the app bagged the latest update on June 21 as version

This suggests that the latest update details are yet to be added. Nevertheless, here are some user reports for reference.


The latest Snapchat update just crashed Snapchat every time I try to open it. Please correct this (Source)

@snapchatsupport updated Snapchat and now it crashes every time I try to open the app. I also uninstalled and reinstalled it (Source)

Hey since the last update on iPhone XS Max, the app no ​​longer loads! What’s going on? 😭 (Source)

Some iPhone users have even shared video proof of the app crashing on the device. Here is such an example:

Snapchat app crashes on iPhone

As you can see, when launching the app, all users can see the app’s main page for a split second before it crashes.

Moreover, Snapchat app only crashes on iOS devices like iPhone XS, XR and others as no issues have been reported by those in the Android camp.

Snapchat support was quick to understand the reports and responded to a user’s complaint that they were looking into the issue.


The app’s support team hasn’t shared an ETA for a fix, however, since the issue seems to be affecting users on a large scale, it should be fixed soon.

As usual, we’ll keep an eye on the situation and post an update as soon as we find more information.

That said, one person claims that there is no problem with Snapchat beta for iOS devices. So, you can try to register as a beta tester to use the app without any problem.

if you install snapchat beta, it won’t crash (Source)

Note that you may experience other issues with the beta, but at least you’ll be able to use the app. Well, I hope.

Update 1 (June 28)

7:06 p.m. (IST): Snapchat released an official statement on Twitter acknowledging the iOS app issue, urging affected users to hang in there as the developers work to fix it as soon as possible.


Update 2 (June 29)

09:04 (IST): Snapchat’s Product SVP — Jacob — confirmed that the issue should now be resolved for all users.


1:44 p.m. (IST): Snapchat support tweeted that the issue was resolved with the latest version of the app – Users can go to the App Store to update it manually in case it was not installed automatically.

The problem was resolved. If you are still having issues, please manually update to version in the App Store (Source)

Update 3 (July 30)

07:45 (IST): Snapchat is down and not working for many as of this writing. Here are some of the reports from the micro-blogging site Twitter that the app is crashing or throwing a connection error:

Snapchat is still down. I deleted the app 4 times, it is fully updated. I reset my phone. FUCK THIS APP IN #snapchatdown
The source

Snapchat rn when we tell them the app isn’t working #snapchatisdown #snapchatsdown #snapchatcrash
The source

What is relieving is that Snapchat support has confirmed the glitch a few hours ago, saying:

We are aware of an issue preventing some Snapchatters from logging in. Expect well, we are investigating the issue and working on a fix!

09:45 (IST): Snapchat support has confirmed that the issue has been resolved. If the app has not been updated automatically on your device, the team suggests updating it manually through the App Store.

The problem was resolved. If you are still having issues, please manually update your app in the App Store! (Source)

10:45 a.m. (IST): While support says the problem has been solved, the user reports the failure Continue to populate Twitter.

2:45 p.m. (IST): For those of you who are still facing app crashes on your iOS device, empty the cache or unload the application could help.

To do this, go to the Settings application, tap on “General”, then on “iPhone Storage”. From the apps listed, select Snapchat, then select “Offload App” (as seen in the image shared by the user below).


In order to clear cache to fix Snapchat login problem, go to iPhone settings and scroll down to find Snapchat. Next, look for the “Clear Cache” option, and if the toggle next to it is green, tap it to clear the cache.

Just in case unloading and clearing the cache doesn’t help, you might want to delete the app and reinstall this.

Update 4 (July 31)

08:30 (IST): Snapchat support has once again confirmed that they are aware that many users are still facing issues with the Snapchat app on iOS devices and are still urging users to update the app manually.

We are aware that some Snapchatters are still having trouble accessing the app. Please try to manually update Snapchat in App Store by following these steps. (Source)

Update 5 (August 3)

11:10 a.m. (IST): Snapchat Support has shared some things users should do in case their Snapchat app crashes. We have shared their tweets below:

(1/3) Make sure you have installed the latest version of Snapchat from the App Store. For help, go to: https://support.snapchat.com/a/bug-ios-install. The latest version that contains fixes for this issue is (Source)

(2/3) If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Snapchat and are having trouble logging in, on the app’s login page, click “Forgot password?”, or you can recover your password here: https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/password_reset_options(Source)

(3/3) If you’re still having trouble accessing your Snapchat account after following these steps, you can contact us here, https://support.snapchat.com/i-need-help, and we can help. to provide additional assistance (Source)

Update 6 (September 27, 2022)

11:01 a.m. (IST): Many Snapchat users on iOS are now reporting (1, 2) crashing issues with the app after the recent v12.01.0.24 update. Unfortunately, Snapchat support has not yet acknowledged this issue.

@snapchatsupport I just updated the app in my app store and now I can’t even open Snapchat. He forces him out immediately. How do I fix it? (Source)

@snapchatsupport please update it again I have version 12.01.24 and every time I try to open the app it closes 😭 (Source)

@snapchatsupport I can’t open the app after the last update, it crashes immediately after tapping the Snapchat app icon (Source)

Update 7 (September 29, 2022)

6:39 p.m. (IST): The recent issue with Snapchat appears to have been resolved as we haven’t come across any new reports.

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