Watch Travis Barker prepare a drum track for Blink 182’s new album


Blink 182 shared studio footage of Travis Barker recording the band’s upcoming album. Check out the clips below.

With the follow-up to the 2016 “California” pop-punk outfit slated for this summer, fans have now had a glimpse of the LP in the making.

Taking on Instagram, bassist Mark Hoppus uploaded a clip captioned: “blink-182 studio life”. The video shows drummer Travis Barker setting the beat for a new track. The musician also shared the backstage footage, with the message: “The left foot is still working.”

See articles on Hoppus‘ and Barker’s official Instagram profiles respectively.

At the end of last month, Mark Hoppus said NME that the “different” LP is “much more aggressive” and “darker” than the band’s previous work. “[We’re] try to experiment more, try different sounds and try to develop what people think Blink 182 is, ”he said.

Considering a release date, Barker recently said that Blink’s eighth studio album “will definitely be released before the Warped Tour.” The group is scheduled to perform on the Atlantic City tour date on the weekend of June 29-30.

Speaking about the direction of the new LP, the musician added, “Literally anything goes. I think we’re making one of the most important Blink albums, so I’m really proud of it.

Meanwhile, Mark Hoppus recalled Blink 182’s very first live show – revealing they were cut after just three tracks.

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