Wegmans terminates Faster Checkout app due to ‘losses’


A popular Wegmans app that offered customers a faster way to shop and pay for items is being shut down.

The company – which operates a store in Johnson City – has informed users of its SCAN app that service will soon be discontinued.

According to the Buffalo News, this decision is made “because too many people are using it to shoplift.”

A statement from Wegmans on the move makes no direct mention of customers not paying for merchandise before leaving the store. He said “the losses we are incurring from this program prevent us from continuing to make it available in its current state.”

The company’s statement says its customers have said “they love the app and the convenience it offers.” Wegmans said the channel had “tried a lot of tweaks to keep it.” The statement did not specify what changes had been made in an effort to maintain the service.

The Wegmans app was rolled out during the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of improving global operations at a time of significant restrictions.

Customers who installed the app on their phones were able to scan items and bag them as they shopped. The last step in the process was to “visit the self-checkout registers to pay”.

Although Wegmans sent email alerts to customers who use the app, the company’s website continued to promote the service on Thursday. The application should be deactivated on Sunday.

A screenshot from Wegmans’ website on September 13, 2022.

A screenshot from Wegmans’ website on September 13, 2022.

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