Wendy’s launches March Madness menu, special app offer and ads featuring Reggie Miller


March Madness is just around the corner – and as the sporting event’s official breakfast and burger joint, Wendy’s is offering a host of new promotional offers backed by ads featuring NBA legend Reggie Miller. The new campaign features the brand’s signature humor and also aims to drive engagement with the company’s app.

Wendy’s, the official breakfast and burger joint of March Madness, has tapped NBA legend Reggie Miller to get a makeover for a new campaign. The commercials, along with the promotional offers they advertise, help reinforce Wendy’s image as a tech-savvy brand with a sense of humor.

Founded more than 50 years ago, Wendy’s overtook Burger King last year to become the second-largest fast food chain in the United States. Aside from menu innovation, the chain has become famous for its witty tweets, which don’t shy away from roasting other brands. His Twitter bio reads, “We love our tweets like we love our fries: hot, crispy, and better than you’d expect from fast food.”

The new campaign revolves around two video spots featuring Miller, as well as a cameo of Wendy herself decked out in an NCAA-style headband. There are a total of five new offers announced by the new campaign, which have been written in language that will be familiar to any basketball fan: “in the middle” is Dave’s $1 Single, for example; ‘at the playmaker’ is the half price breakfast offer. Each deal comes with its own timeline, the longest of which starts today and ends on April 10.

Other offers include: $0 shipping with Wendy’s delivery (“at shooting guard”), $3 off orders over $15 (“at power forward”), and BOGO $1 premium chicken sandwich (“at small forward”).

“At Wendy’s, we’re going crazy with slam dunk deals like our one-dollar app-exclusive Dave’s Single at the 2022 March Madness NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tournaments,” said Wendy’s Company USA Marketing Director Carl Loredo. “To celebrate our return as the official burger and official breakfast of March Madness, we’ve re-teamed with Wendy’s superfan, Reggie Miller, for a three-round partnership to bring the excitement. It’s a natural extension of our previous March Madness storylines with Reggie – reminding fans that they can get the best breakfast and fresh beef burgers ever in town at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s new commercials are brief, with a touch of absurd humor. Miller, featured in both, is clearly not shy about poking fun at himself a bit: In one commercial, Miller approaches a Wendy’s restaurant employee, dressed in a Wendy’s T-shirt and with a TV remote in hand, and asks if the monitors behind the counter could show the game. The clerk informs him that these are actually digital screens displaying menu items without channels. “So no games?” is Miller’s answer. The clerk stares helplessly at the camera.

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