What is the trend of “bae-realing” dating apps?


While it can be tempting to portray an idealized version of yourself via dating apps, the vulnerability that comes with being authentically yourself on these platforms is what allows you to meet and match with people. people who are compatible with you – even if you are not. always works in your favor.

“Rejection is hard, but it makes a lot more sense for someone to pass on your profile rather than agreeing to meet you based on the version of yourself you’ve portrayed, which doesn’t really reflect who you are. really,” advises Begy.

“When you think about it, if someone sees you for who you really are and wants to meet you to get to know you better, that has the potential to lead to more authentic relationships and help you achieve that long-term goal. , committed relationship.”

But how do you embrace bae-realing when you’re used to presenting a more stylized version of yourself online? Well, Begy suggests that one should first ditch old photos that feature filtered images of you.

“Do a thorough audit of the photos you use on your profile and what you’ve written — if something is outdated or doesn’t convey the real you, then get rid of it,” she says.

“It’s about reflecting your personality and including anything that highlights how unique and interesting you are.

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