Young veterinarian Alison in the running for the top prize


A VET from Moffat, specializing in fish, is a finalist for the prestigious Young Vet of the Year 2022 award.

Alison Brough, 28, has been shortlisted for the British Veterinary Association award, which recognizes those at the start of their career.

A fish vet at Scottish Sea Farms, she has been nominated for making a significant difference to the lives of aquatic animals; to create strong and positive relationships with customers; and forever make a difference.

Raised in a farming family, Alison had her heart set on becoming a veterinarian as soon as she remembered. In 2017, she fulfilled her ambition by graduating from the University of Liverpool and embarking on several years of farm animal practice.

Earlier this year, she assumed her new role, swapping her green rubber boots and flexothanes for yellow rubber boots and an orange life jacket and quickly becoming familiar with the species and the sector.

Alison works on the West Coast and said: “The more I traveled the more I came to believe that one of the best ways to make a positive difference would be to help those who work most directly with the fish.

Ronnie Soutar, head of veterinary services at Scottish Sea Farms, nominated her for the award, praising her as a “real person” and “a great example of a young vet”.

He added: “Alison very quickly showed an impressive ability to translate not only her new knowledge of fish, but also her solid understanding of basic veterinary principles into practical advice for farm staff.

“On her own initiative, Alison has taken responsibility for refining and delivering fish health training at the farm level, personally delivering training modules on a regular basis.

“She recognizes that the most important thing she can do for the health and welfare of salmon is to ensure that those directly responsible for the fish have the highest level of knowledge possible.

“She is a great example of a young vet who is making a very positive impact, primarily by recognizing that connecting with people is the pathway to helping animals.”

Responding to the nomination, Alison said: “To be shortlisted as a finalist for the BVA Young Vet of the Year, and to help represent that passion and commitment, is an absolute honour, which I hope will also help raise awareness aquaculture as a career path for colleagues and budding veterinarians.

The winner will be announced in London on November 17.

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