Yousician’s AI-powered GuitarTuna Play app will finally help you find chords to your favorite songs


Yousician has launched an interactive mobile app that not only tunes your guitar, but teaches you how to play it.

Featuring AI-based processing power, GuitarTuna Play lets users play along with thousands of songs, showcasing chords and lyrics as you play and letting you control the tempo.

For players of a certain vintage, GuitarTuna Play’s Smart Scroll feature will be particularly resonant; no longer will the tab book fly off the desk as you turn the page, frantically mashing the CD player buttons before the inevitable return to the beginning of the song to start over.

No, with GuitarTuna Play the app listens to your playing and the chords are displayed automatically as you play. Easy… Well, at least until you get to the big stretch of an add9 chord.

There’s an abundance of songs to choose from, with the GuitarTuna Play platform hosting thousands of tracks that have been transcribed by professional musicians. Convenient, and not just for beginners. We all need a quick reference once in a while, especially when playing a wedding and you need a refresher on, uh, Karma Police for the first dance song.

As for the guitar tuner, it once again contains over 100 chords and provides tuning support for 15 string instruments, so you can tune your bass guitar while you’re at it.

If that is the meaning of the journey with AI increasing the tools available to guitarists, we live in exciting times as the market for online guitar lessons becomes increasingly interactive and accessible.

Yousician’s GuitarTuna Play is available on Google and Apple. For more information, visit Yousician.

Yousician GuitarTuna Play

(Image credit: Yousician)

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