Yves Tumor: Review of the song “God is a circle”


Yves TumorThe amorphous, unsettling music often comes across as something familiar before completely turning on itself. Through 2018 Safe in the hands of love and 2020s Heaven for a tortured mind, the lyrics often took second place to an enigmatic and overarching vibe, as if an alien had adopted a human host and was navigating the sensations for the first time. On their latest single “God Is a Circle”, the Turin-based artist takes a simpler approach, drawing on the whimsical gothic rock of their latest album. The Asymptotic World EP. Coming two days after Halloween, the song sounds like a more punk version of “heads will roll”, with campy horror movie screams, labored breaths and an ominous synth bass. Yves whispers about self-detachment – “Sometimes I feel like there are places in my mind I can’t go / …Wander, I just feel like a ghost in a well” – ultimately leading us into the darkest and most vulnerable corners of their minds. Squelch of guitars, drum beat and Eco2K and Lebanese-born artist Thoom contribute backing vocals as Yves comes to terms with the conflicts of a toxic relationship: “I love you, it hurts sometimes/But I can’t help it ’cause it makes me feel alive,” they sing, shrouded in a sullen, thick fog.


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